Oh..was I complaining about no blog fodder yesterday? I truly need to remember the universe has a sick sense of humor concerning me.

Lets see, I woke up wrote the blog and then sat down to knit and watch American Idol. Made it to the heel and then ran up to the yarn store to get a set of addi’s. Came back and helped the boychild and Loren shave their heads respectively. One of them took it fairly well and one of them acted as if his head was on fire and I was the one holding the blow torch. I’m going to let you guess which one was which. Hint, the one at three feet was doing most of the screaming.

Then it was shower time and Daddy and TT got to shower together which sounds kind of wrong, but you have to understand that TT has some weird aversion to showers.  Getting him to take one is a huge accomplishment. He actually got in under the water and did really well so we were thrilled.

Then we went to McDonald’s or “Old McDonald’s” as TT calls it, which was more for us to go out as a family and let him run wild with the other wild things. However I hadn’t figured on the whole no one in the neighborhood watching their kids at McDonald’s thing.  We got there and I took TT into the play center where there was like five or six kids running rampant without any parental supervision. Hunter hung back because they were acting completely out of line, running, pushing-shoving etc. I tried to encourage him gently but to be honest I wasn’t that excited about him playing with them.

I intervened when one of the girls climbed like a monkey on the outside of the equipment and hung off the top of it like a monkey. I told her to get down and looked around for -anyone- who was paying attention to her. No one. She went in to the play thing and complained about me being a ‘mean woman’ whatever kid be grateful I’m mean and you didn’t break your freaking arm.  Then the pack of monsters began taking their shoes and throwing them at each other.

When one nearly winged TT in the head I lost it, grabbed his hand stomped out to the main portion of the restaurant and loudly proclaimed. “I don’t know who owns these kids in here, but someone better get in and start watching them. They are throwing shoes at one another and  climbing on the equipment.” One lady turned bright red and bustled in to gently admonish them and make them sit down at their table and wait for food where they glared at me and TT who was totally confused and only wanted to make friends with them.

I was irritated that all they got was a verbal slap on the wrist but they aren’t my kids so whatever right? Then we had our lunch, the monster pack left and TT got to play with some somewhat normal kids. Until another monster pack came in and started climbing the things again. Hanging off of it and showing off and -their parents were right in there watching-.  I got sick of it and we left.

Then I came home, got my stuff and went to class. Where we got the new essay in English which is now -fifteen percent- of our grade, and completely long and I do not understand at all one little bit. It’s a Analysis and Synthesis Essay and I have no idea what the hell he wants from us or what this is supposed to be about. It’s due on the third though, so I’ll have some time to work it out hopefully.

Came home after class because Loren wasn’t feeling good and we had to be up at Four in the morning to take Miss Fayne and the brood to the airport. I couldn’t of course, fall asleep until 2 am so imagine my joy and happiness when that alarm started. We got the girls and kids into the cars and took them to the airport which was a comedy in errors that ended up with me not getting the toll ticket and nearly having a break down at the toll booth and finally we were out.

Then Loren decided that the pain he was feeling from the gall bladder was bad enough and he went to the hospital at six. I got home and Hunter was up, demanding Scooby Doo. I let him watch for a little bit but I hit a wall and drug him into bed and we slept until noon. I don’t think that child has ever slept until Noon before today.  Loren got home, they’re scheduling him a surgery soon and he got some pain meds to help him along.

So there..that was my day. Remind me never to ask for blog fodder again.

One last thing, most of my class complains bitterly about our min amount of words that we have to write on any given paper. Which is on average so far 500-600 words. I would just like to point out that’s an average  blog post and with this post? I nearly hit 900.  I keep telling them to get blogs it’ll make it all easier but -no one- listens to me.



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