Welcome morning, boy child is up and eating oatmeal and yogurt, Husband is up and watching The Sarah Conner Chronicles and I am awake. Marginally.

I drug my butt up out of bed even though I could have stayed in and slept a little bit more because I hadn’t checked for homework and had a panic moment where I thought ‘oh crap’ so I shoved out to come check. Hah for once in my life? No homework. Now I’m up.

Yesterday was good and productive. I like having a day off with Loren in the middle of the week that isn’t cut in half by school. We got a lot done, which makes for boring blogging fodder because the most annoying thing that happened was I couldn’t find Darkly Dreaming Dexter at the library and we discovered Chik Filet’s playground doesn’t allow you to eat in it.

But we did get Hunter’s easter basket stuff, and stuff to dye eggs with which…well lets just say that the Dollar candy for easter baskets are my downfall and my son will be flying higher than a kite come Sunday after Next. Two chocolate bunnies, peeps, jelly beans, little egg things and all sorts of goodies. Yeah I know too much but come on, I remember easter being an orgy of candy and happiness.  What I’m -really- worried about is the freaking egg dying stuff. Is he too young for this? Am I ever going to survive the process?

I did make the decision to only get the plain jane kit rather than the one with sparkles or tye dye or speckles. I could only see disaster as I stared those badboys down.

Now all I have to do is pick up a leg of lamb for Easter dinner and we’re set. I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of lamb and with all my knitting you’d think that I’d be more about preserving sheep for wool purposes but I love the taste of lamb and it is the only thing that tastes right to me on Easter for some reason.

Anyways, today should be good…I think it’s me and MEB off to the yarn store and then I have school with blissfully no homework or tests looming over me and next week I have gloriously off.

I am almost contemplating running away to Ft Lauderdale and doing something crazy. However, my innate loathing of large crowds of people and unwilling to put up with mass stupidity will probably keep me home and knitting. Damn that low threshold for ‘omigod!’

Tonight should be fun, since I have to run Miss Fayne and brood to the airport at 4:30 in the morning, which means I should be loaded for bear and a severe nap tomorrow.

That’ll make for some great blogging right?


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