Last night I slept horrible for some reason, weird dreams, achy joints. Which made me waking up every half hour to an hour to wander the house for a drink, or to check on a noise. So I’m fairly blah this morning.

I of course have been fending off Toddler Monkey Boy extrodinare the entire morning.  Two Yogurts, two fruit and grain bars, a bazillion cuddles, tickles, and ‘Mommy I’m sick..I need to go to the hospital and get some medicine *cough cough*’ and I’m fairly twitchy.

I really need to get a coffee machine so I can mainline caffeine mornings like this one.

Last night’s class was good,  an hour and half long bitch fest in English with no real headway made..except for me being slapped down by creepy hippy girl and her freaking not in the class but always there boyfriend. Which was ridiculous but whatever. I took the history test and think I did pretty well with it. Then we came home after stopping by MEB’s house, and ate dinner while watching Battlestar Galactica before passing out.

Today is fairly busy. I’ve got a whole bunch of errands to take care of, refreshing some of the food in the pantry, getting some play time in public with TT and maybe even go so far as to get a Costco Membership again. Then I  have to get a suitcase to Miss Fayne and check and see what kind of homework I have for English on the assignment sheet.

Next week is Spring Break though..I haven’t had a spring break since 96…this is a strange feeling but you know it’s nice. I could really use a break, I’m starting to feel burnt out and tired of class. I enjoy going still but I think it’s time that I take a little break and relax for a while.

I really want to take some sort of road trip, but that’s not in the cards unless we want to go like an hour or so away. Plus Loren is opening up his new store next week so we’re not going to have much leeway anyways.

Dude this is pretty boring. I’m going out



  1. 1
    Nicole Says:

    Too bad you couldn’t come see me…

    Miss talking to you.

  2. 2
    Magnolia Says:

    I miss you too, I’ll call tomorrow? ok? I love you girl.

  3. 3
    Nicole Says:

    I work until 7pm my time love…but I’ll be here around 7:30…working close to home now..

    but I’ll be here…love you too

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