Guh Part two

So I managed to get the headache thing again last night around five . Replete with the whole wonky eye thing though this time it was in a different eye. Could these be migraines? they hurt like everyone says a migraine hurts but I’m not sure. The eye thing is what worries me worst. It’s like I have stared in the sun too long but it’s in a circular looping pattern around my pupil. Very weird.

I’m hoping it’s just a nerve pinching thing and I will drag myself to the Chiro on Wensday to have my neck  cracked and see if that doesn’t stop it.  Because otherwise my paranoia kicks in and I think things like ‘oh my god I have CANCER!!’ which is ridiculous but you know how Dr Google makes us all crazy.

I did manage to get my essay edited twice, which was great because hah-hah-hah…uhm it’s due today not thursday. Ooops.

I also got most of my history work restudied and I will be cultivating it carefully for the rest of the day. After I pick up, re-edit the essay just -once more- and  fold laundry. I was hoping to get to work on my Kaffe sock which I didn’t manage at -all- yesterday due to the whole editing twice and then the migraine thing.  After the migraine like headache kicked in I fell onto the couch put on some law and order and whimpered for mercy. I nearly cried actually when TT’s dvd player fucked up and wouldn’t work.

I mean there I was laying in some incredible pain, to the point where I’m just one good head throb away from puking my guts out and here’s an overly enthusiastic toddler who’s power rangers (damn you Loren damn you) movie is interrupted. Does that sound like a fun moment for you?

Thank god I didn’t loose my temper and just kept begging quietly for him to watch sesame street and play with his pirate ship.

So tonight I turn in a major assignment and a major essay, hopefully I get back my first essay and my second essay which needs re-write I’m sure..then I have a history test. God please do not let me get another migraine today. Please. I am begging.

I wanted to get into some issues on the blog here recently, the whole fatosphere has had me thinking about some things and I wanted to expound on it more, but today I have a lot on my plate and I plan on doing it very gingerly as if my head is an overly fragile egg in the hopes that I can make it through the night without wanting to kill myself dead.

So maybe tomorrow when I’m not facing down an academic gun. Yah that’s a good thought.

Off to pick up, fold close, study, and edit a paper.



  1. 1
    metasilk Says:

    Sounds like a migraine, because of the eye/colors wonkiness. May you have no more! But go see a doc if you can, because dealing with these is …variable. (I was listening to a local call in health show). They can be triggered by events, neurological issues, food intolerances (which we can grow into and out of rather randomly, as far as I can tell), environmental triggers (like cleaners, perfumes, haz waste, whathaveyou).

    If you can figure out the triggers, you’re in good shape!


    Would you rather I comment here or in the LJ feed?

    (I will leave a diff website each time here, like as not.)

  2. 2
    metasilk Says:

    By the way, I do have blogs over here at WordPress too, just not about ME.

    And yet another one on blogspot.

    I was doing research.

    Yeah, that’s why I have so many.

  3. 3
    Magnolia Says:

    I love comments here! I don’t own the feed so it’s not gonna let me know when I get a message.

    I haven’t gotten another migraine since monday, but I’ll start examining what I eat and what it does to me.

    And dude..I had my own domain and a blog spot and a live journal. Now I have this and a livejournal. I do not judge. I understand the need for blogs. *G*

    thanks for the confirmation btw, it’s nice to have something of a direction

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