Yesterday was uhm somewhat productive.

After I wrote, I got Loren up and we went to have lunch at Jason’s Deli. After a quick meal and dealing with the sunday church lunchtime crowds we made our way over to his old store on Bryant Irving to check out the sale. The store that he opened two years ago is now closing because Hollywood video is on crack apparently so all of their merchandise was on sale. None of it was really worth it but somehow we managed to walk out of the store with three things. Two games and a video for TT.

Then we stopped at the yarn store on the way home where I grabbed up Miss Fayne’s yarn and we came back home. The little Tyrant went into his room to watch Dragon Tales and Loren got ready for work while I read blogs. I then got a hold of MEB and went over to her house to do laundry, hang out and knit. Last night was supposed to be our ‘knitting night’ but with Lissa’s schedule all wonky and Magnus off doing something basically was just me MEB and her husband who is apparently going to learn how to knit. Except for you know picking a reasonable first project he picked lace.

Yes..lace. It is skull and cross bones lace but it is -lace-. I couldn’t resist asking him if he could actually feel his testosterone  dropping. He just smirked at me and asked how many times I restarted those Kaffe Fassett socks. Stupid socks. I finally got the cast on right and I’m halfway down the foot already.  I can’t help thinking how far I would be if I hadn’t messed up the cast on so much.  So lace knitting. I had to teach him how to get tension with his hands and not his -toes- but it was alright.

Then my eyes began to go wonky, like I had stared into a really bright light and I couldn’t see very clearly, and my head began to hurt. I mean sincere horrible deep splitting pain. I thought my blood sugar was low so I tried to eat, but it didn’t help. Finally it got to be enough to go home and I begged MEB to take me..of course I had no house key and no one was home when I got here so I felt like a complete tool. Thank god Ninja came and picked me up from their house and took me home.

I got here and mainlined some advil, before taking some pain med and a long long hot shower. I passed out and feel much better today. Tired, but better. I still have laundry over at MEB’s house and need to go tonight to finish it but lord that was a rough night.

Of course I still have to edit the damn essay and start studying for my displaced history test but thats not too hard. I am going to try to get to the heel on the sock and finish this pair so I can start Fayne’s soon. I’m sure she’ll love her ruby slippers.

Right, so if I want to get the home work done before TT figures out that there’s only so much sesame street on the DVR I should get moving right now.



  1. 1
    Miss Fayne Says:

    Thought that might help you smile. Love you

  2. 2
    Magnolia Says:

    That is precious..I’m totally not knitting cozies for your roses though *wink* love you too.

  3. 3

    Hi. Saw your comment on my blog.

    Glad you like it, thanks for the kind words.

    And great minds do think alike.

    Feel free to stop by again. I’m sure I’ll be checking in here to see how your little Napolean is doing. 🙂

    As for separate at birth. Well to tell the truth it’s possible. 🙂 I’m adopted, but I have found my birthmother and unless she is lying through her teeth to me (which is even more possible) I do not have a twin.

    Too bad. I always wanted one. 🙂

    Here’s hoping I never want to switch to wordpress. Good thing I already own the tinytyrant domains. 😉

    Jenn aka the ‘original’ Tiny Tyrant

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