Stupid clocks

I know I know it’s day lights saving time..I even knew it before I went to sleep lastnight but for some reason, waking up this morning grumbling about TT getting me out of bed before 9 am, stumbling out into the living room and finding out in actuality it was near 10 am…was sorta a bummer.

Stupid Day Lights saving.

Yesterday I managed to do practically nothing, all because I’m a moron who can’t cast a sock on properly. I must have cast that Regia Sock on like..6 times. Because I always managed to get it too big. I think I fixed it finally before I went to bed.  I better have or I’ll eat the yarn. I’m not casting it on again.

Beyond that, I took a nap, helped Hunter paint all evening, made dinner and watched tv.  No I didn’t even touch my essay and no I don’t feel an ounce of guilt. I have till Thursday so I know I can get it done.

Today’s plan is simple. Go have brunch with the boy and Loren, come home do some editing work and then perhaps go to MEB’s so I can get  laundry done and I can get verification that my sock is not too big and I’m not too crazy. I would stop by the yarn store to pick up some more ruby red slipper yarn for Miss Fayne but I believe they are closed today and tomorrow. So I’ll do that tuesday if I am right.

Hang out today getting massive loads of laundry done, if I go over early enough I’ll take bedding with me since it’s been a while since those got done. Send the essay to my mom for her proof reading and knit and perhaps play cards all day. We’ll see.

For right now I’ve gotten dressed, the boy is getting dressed and being a little howler monkey and I need to get ready to go.

yay for good weekends though!


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