Snow Daze

So I didn’t write yesterday.

No really -good- reason, beyond you know the fact that I was sorta a spaz. Got up early and took off for breakfast with Lissa..which was entirely nice and should be done more often and not only with her but with other people I love and care for. It was a good morning all around, I got a lot of resolution to issues that were bugging me and peace reigns once more. It’s amazing what happens when hormones settle down isn’t it?

So while Lissa and I were eating our overly greasy breakfasts and talking and the like, it began to sleet. A lot. I mean a lot for Texas at least. The roads weren’t too bad on the way home but I’m a big panicking freak in those  situations so I made sure to call everyone I knew was out and about and make them aware that icy death was possible. I got home and was -sure- we were going to get out of class last night until it turned to plain rain.

Reluctantly I pulled out the history study guide and buckled down. Then I noticed that there was all this stuff out there. White stuff. Yay! So with about two inches of slush on the ground we got out of class. No test until Tues!

So why didn’t I write? I don’t know..because I was making hot chocolate and sending TT out into the snow for ten minutes so he could get soaked. Then I made Lemon Turkey Cutlets, and cookies and we watched the girls side of American Idol, then the results show (and dude Asia’h! I liked her!) and an episode of Dexter and then I passed out. So while it was a spaztastic day with the snow it ended up being fairly boring.

Today I need to edit my essay, and then clean. Fold laundry put it away pick up and vacuum and maybe catch a nap because I slept like crap.

I’m the most boring person ever. But somehow I’m alright with the boring stuff. Though me white knuckling it driving home was fairly exciting. A bit of a over reaction but fairly exciting at least for me.

Blah the quicker I work on this essay the quicker I can fold laundry on the couch watching law and order. I have my priorities straight people.


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