So yeah

Well last night I finally snapped under the pressure of class combined with some wicked hormones. I think I ranted for a good hour straight and nearly broke down into tears before I finally decided to stop where I was and go do something else.

I hate being hormonal, it makes things jump out of proportion so quickly.

See the problem was my English class. I finally finished the essay or at least the first draft, to find out he wants every revision and edit printed out -again- which drives me crazy. Plus it’s an essay I’m not entirely passionate about and I sent it to my mom to help me edit it and -she’s- passionate about it and found a lot of flaws on my part which was just..nails on nerves not for any other reason than I’m burnt out on flipping essays.

Then I sat down with the punishment homework assignment, which at first glance seemed to be  simple and easy and only four problems. It turned out to be -three- pages of hand written text back and fron. Because each problem was like four questions with a, b, c parts to each question. I nearly broke down and chucked the book across the room I was so pissed. He assigns that much because he’s irritated with us? WTF?

The worst part is that the questions weren’t even really about writing. They were analyzing and discussing photographic ad’s for products or photographs for newspapers. In a class that he barely spends any time explaining the process of the essays that we’re basing ten percent of our grade on for him to assign that was enough to make me want to stab him. I finally did loose my cool and write down a frustrated answer when I got to the part where I was told to go get some recent magazines and compare and analyze current cigarette ads.

First of all…I am out of highschool, I thought the collage days were over. Secondly, I didn’t budget for magazines this month so I can’t afford to buy new ones. Thirdly I could go to the library if I figure out a method of transportation and day care or take the toddler to the library with me and have to deal with him being all -over- the place. Which I am not about to do because of a single question on a home work assignment I wrote down the last two reasons as my answer and gritted my teeth into little pointy nubs.

Then poor Loren came home and I flipped out all over him, not at him just..on him. Because I was stressed out about that, and someone who’s upsetting me through rude behavior and hormones and blah there I went human volcano. After he let me rant, he helped me pack up the boyo and we went over to our MEB and SOB for dinner and games. It was nice, they raided the liquor cabinet and SOB made me a long island iced tea which we shared and by the time I was done with it I felt a little more relaxed and less about to blow up on everything.

Then we had some delicious Meatball subs, the boys played some D&D while MEB and I played Rummy until way late. It was probably exactly what I needed even though I’m having guilt issues about not working on history while I had the chance. However I woke up this morning actually ready to -work- on history and not ready to bang my head into a wall so it was what I needed.

Anyways, English is done for now..rewrites loom a head and I have to get -some of this flipping history studying done so I’m gonna end this here. I have another post about TT and my guilt regarding him that I’ll do soon. Just putting that there to remind me!



  1. 1
    Nicole Says:

    Just stopping by to send some love

  2. 2
    Magnolia Says:

    Hey baby, I love you too..miss you I need to call and rant at you.

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