Today I’m struggling.

Struggling to not be angry at people in my life for inconsiderate behavior. I know that I’m PMSing right now so I’m really struggling not to erupt in a hissy fit. But on the same token, I’m not wrong about the inconsiderate behavior and it is really irritating to think that I’m putting into relationships things I’m not getting back.

I’m tired of not being a priority in people’s lives when I make them a priority in mine. I’m tired of looking like an idiot defending people when they do rude things. These are long term important friendships to me but there’s the dark and cynical (and probably hormonal) part of me going “why keep friends when they treat you like this?”. This is something I’m going to have to be very careful about until I’m sure that my hormones are not a factor.


This weekend was a long and intense..well the first two days of it at least. The kids ended up being here until three am on Saturday.  It took all day for everyone to move things they didn’t finish until that time.  I studied for like two days straight writing nine pages worth of notes in history. I nearly stabbed myself in the eye with a pen by the time it was 1 am on Saturday. So I took a break yesterday. Unfortunately I haven’t even -touched- my english work and I haven’t even finished the history study guide. So I’m a little stressed.

I’ll be busting my ass on this as soon as I’m done with this post.

By the way when did Mr Noodle get a sister? Right I’m heading into random writing territory so I’m going to sign off and start my homework. Blah.


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    Miss Fayne Says:

    Hey baby, I’m sorry the kids ended up at your place so late, I guess things didn’t go exactly as we had planned. I miss you, I haven’t seen you since like..last week sometime.


    I tell you what, when you’re ready, let me know and I’ll take Hunter over night (when I get back from WA), and give you a good 24 hours of child free relax or study time. He can come over and play with the kids and have a blast….

    And you can just…relax and maybe get some down time before you eat him.

    I love you.

    I finally got my computer up and running! Yay!

    Talk to you soon,

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