I just can’t stop yawning.

I’ve been up since 8:30 (wtf TT?) and I just can’t seem to shake the sleep off of me. It doesn’t help that I had weird dreams about being in London with Tracy Ullman who was going to a scrabble tournament..we had a lovely anti pasta platter and gyros though. Maybe this is something hormonal. I might be entering that phase of pms where I’m an empty pit continually starving.

In fact I’m fairly hungry right now but I’m not sure what I want so I’m just going to sit here and type random statements until I figure out what I want to eat. You’re welcome.

This weekend should be a non stop fun roller coaster. Today I am helping out Faynie and Beckah go through their new place to live and see what’s what. Tonight I have all four toddlers to myself and tomorrow is the move fest for the Faynie family into their new abode. It’s a bit of a pain in the tuckus, but getting everyone out of the ghetto and into a decent house just down the road from me is worth it.

Then there is of course, the mountain of homework looming over me like a dark cloud. A history test next week with gads of reading and my patented crazy study methods that involve writing like every little thing down and re-reading it compulsively. Plus the third essay worth 10 percent of my grade due on the 11th that I haven’t even started and have no real direction with, plus another take home quiz/assignment.

Plus the freaking house is a total mess and needs a through cleaning.

Yeah I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. Which of course means that all I want to do is curl up on the couch with some knitting and soak my brain in a brine of law and order. What I think I will do is clean up the living room a little bit, make something to eat, get out my history book and begin the crazy study methods.

Class last night was interesting, apparently we as a class pissed off our crazy English teacher, on tuesday. We found this out because he threw a temper tantrum lastnight about the fact that we talked too much in the last few minutes of class and he proved his maturity by stating since we were so fond of talking that we weren’t going to talk at all this class. He threw a pop quiz on us and an extra assignment that wasn’t on the assignment sheet. Yeah..I was impressed too. However, it made up for the pop quiz I missed and the extra assignment helps cover that zero and the points missing from my late assignment.

History was a long lecture into the beginning of the revolutionary war and I was told by a classmate that I should go on a fact quiz show or something. Apparently I’m a teacher’s pet in both classes which is…great.

So yeah, there’s your fun and funny in academia for the morning.

In other more down to earth news, the potty training with TT is going suspiciously well. I think that at any moment he’s going to realize he’s going along with a goal of mine and throw a monkey wrench into the works. So far the magic spell has been a combination of transformer underroo’s and oreo cookies. Telling a tiny tyrant that he can’t pee on Optimus Prime and he’ll get a double stuffed oreo if he does pee in the potty seems to be the trick. However I will warn the lot of you that Bumble Bee does not seem to enjoy the same status. Only Optimus Prime commands enough respect to not have bodily functions enacted on him. Once again? You’re welcome.

Ok my hormones are out of control and my stomach is ready to crawl up my chest and strangle me. Off to pick up the living room, make some lunch and start studying like a fiend before I’m invaded.


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