Mish mash

Ok, so I’m fairly scatter brained today so my post thusly will be a blend of things that have nothing to do with each other. I may even use bullet points. Maybe not.

First of all I have seen some of the funniest stuff on the internet this morning. I swear on all that’s holy this is worth the effort of clicking a few links. However It is not work safe, nor safe for kids. But totally worth being fired, or perhaps having to explain some stuff to your children. Your choice of course. Of course if your humor isn’t a little potty on the occasion this might not be your cup of tea.
First is this  which is the first in the series and what started the whole thing. Basically it’s Sarah Silverman messing with her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, with a freaking hilarious video including Matt Damon.

Then Jimmy gets his revenge with Ben Affleck and like..half of hollywood. This is beyond freaking hilarious, this is like in the realm of ‘holy crap no one could ever top that ever!’. It is -brillant- the whole we are the world choir thing singing about prison sex? Oh my stars.  You -have- to see it. I just..dying. Dead from laughter. Robin Williams? Huey Lewis? Cameron Diaz? this is genius.

Then, because this is so freaking funny  and it’s already in the realm of stupidly ridiculous, of course Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks had to get in on it. This one is just as funny as the other ones. All in all? some of the best humor I’ve seen in a long time.

Then to drop off of the funny train and into the screwed up parts of the internet there’s this.  I’m not sure how many people are aware of what net neutrality is. Basically Net Neutrality is what the internet is now. You pay a company to get onto the net but when you get on where ever you want to go is open to you. Some companies (Comcast, ATT, Verizon, Time Warner and others) are trying to institute policies that allow them to tax web sites so that their content can be accessed while restricting other sites that don’t pay and forcing their customers to use their web content such as search engines news providers and the like.  It’s actually a real threat and a lot of these companies are doing everything in their power to lobby for this change.

Recently Comcast has actually begun the blocking of sites and the FCC is investigating it. There was a hearing at Harvard on the 25th about this, and Comcast actually -paid- people to come in and sit and fill up the hearing so that the interested public couldn’t get in. People I know a lot of you aren’t interested in protesting and activist work but if you want to be able to use the internet as you have been since it’s inception this is where you have to stand up. I’ve written the FCC and my Senator about it, please go to Save the Internet and do it as well.

Finally, I’m going to swipe Lissa’s newest sock pattern for my mountain color’s bear foot yarn. I’ll have to get MEB to help me read it because I’m a freaking pattern moron but still it’s nice to have a pretty pattern to go with that gorgeous yarn. I’ll just have to finish my twisted tweed socks first before I start it. I also am now obsessed with getting some Madeline Tosh yarn of my own but that will have to wait until you know…we have money.

Alright that’s a fairly interesting post, I’m going to get off the comp now and probably eat something. Maybe watch some Dexter or Law and Order.


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