At least I’m projected for an A

So, I managed to make it to class lastnight. Which yay! But it was a mixed bag for me.

First of all I forgot to check the assignment sheet and missed an assignment was due last night (on top of the freaking 10 percent essay) and secondly I missed a pop quiz in history class -as well-. Then my English teacher embarrassed the crap out of me with high praise. It seems last week there was a group assignment that got carried over to last night. After collecting assignments and doing role call he broke us down into our groups. Since I had no group he got infront of the class and said ‘Well now that we’re in groups, Ms Sides is a free agent, so anyone could snap her up..and if I were you I would.’

I was like ‘oh lord, please don’t make me publicly the teachers pet..please please’. Thankfully the class didn’t turn on me like a bunch of sharks but I’ve firmly been placed in the ‘over achiever’ category. It’s bad enough I turn in massive essays and am pulling an A in the class so far, while I appreciate his good words, I really don’t wanna be singled out like that.

Then my history class got cut short due to a family emergency with the professor and now I am here with a shit ton of work looming over me. One assignment due in English that is already late. Plus, I have -another- essay worth 10 percent of my grade due on the 11th of march..then I have to copy down the notes from my class mate in history class. Plus study four or so chapters. So yeah I have a whole shit ton of homework to do. The worst part is I have no flipping idea where to begin with this new essay. I have to write a surprising and persuasive paper…on….something. I have no idea what. Seriously, there are no ideas in my head and I am going ‘uhhhh…fuck.’

I’ve already done the whole feminist page, and now what? I’ve blown my academic wad. Crap. I could do it about size acceptance and how obesity is not as health risk as it’s portrayed to be but to be honest I don’t want to get too soap boxy with this. Plus, I’m not really secure in my own acceptance of my size and I am not sure that this is the venue I want to explore that sense of insecurity. Blah. I’m sure it’ll come to me but I am starting to hate this class, it’s like a constant stream of shit coming in and out and I find myself lost for ideas.

Ah well, this is what college is like right? I’ll always be doing this and so I must get used to it.

In other news I’m thinking of getting myself some new yarn. The problem is all that is speaking to me is sock yarn and I have like three or four skeins of that already. I really need to get the yarn for my wrap sweater so I can start that, and I would like to get some work done on my shawls.

Also, I totally need to find my camera and set it up so I can start taking pictures of TT and the knitting and life in general.

Oh for those of you into the knitting thing, there’s a swap coming up that looks interesting. Here I know it seems a bit pricey but the thoughts of a swap totally tickles me. I’m trying to think of something ‘spring!’ to knit up though. Unless I can think of something though I’m not going to sign up. I mean bright wild colored socks isn’t exactly spring is it? Maybe it is.

Alright, enough procrastination, I’m off to start the mountain of school work. Gotta keep up that A.



  1. 1
    tristis1 Says:

    Sounds good, except for the fact that it is so damn coffee based :-(. I hate coffee.

  2. 2
    Magnolia Says:

    yeah but I think you can ask for something different -equivalent- you know?

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