Monday blues

Why is it even when you’re not working or doing anything Monday orientated that Monday’s still suck?

Lets see..I woke up on my own after six hours of sleep and was up for an hour before TT got up and forced me to really be awake. Which wasn’t so bad since I had a quiet hour of solitude to fortify myself for the barrage. Then the cat got out when she’s not supposed to and I had to put Treat Time (the official Tyrant house hold ritual used to help fatten up skinny cats and make them love us unconditionally. I’ll tell you when the second part happens). However I did prove that calling out ‘Treat, treat, treat!’ like an idiot will bring in the cat so thats a good thing.

Then I made a quick breakfast for me and Little Napoleon, the last pediasure for him, and yogurt for  us both. Of course he had to drop his pediasure and spill three fourths of it on the carpet and not into him. Which is freaking wonderful. Because you know they aren’t expensive at all and more importantly…the carpet didn’t need extra protein and vitamins and minerals! I managed to get it all cleaned up and get the rest of the drink down his gullet so now I’m going to sit at my desk and eat my yogurt and pretend that I have nothing to do.

Really I have a lot to do today, I desperately have to edit that paper a few more times before tomorrow evening, plus read the chapter I was supposed to have a quiz on last thursday. Beyond that I have to pick up, vacuum, fold laundry and put it away while thinking of something to do for dinner. Oh and deal with the howler monkey. Who is, to his credit being marginally better today. Or maybe I just have more patience and am not a raging sick bitch anymore. Really the choice is yours.

Tonight is the gaming group, which is turning into a spill over of knitting night, and I’ll get to try to teach Magnus again. Which is my awkward segue into the whole knitting thing last night. First of all it was a lovely time with friends. Lissa made it after all which was nice, I have a feeling I’ll not get to see her often from now on, MEB was there the boys kept to themselves mostly and all of that. The only fly in the ointment was Magnus’ teenage sister. Who…is painfully socially awkward. She’s 14 years old and just..weird. I kept wondering if I was like that, weird and spitting out random things. She just, had no sense of appropriate or keeping with conversation. I felt bad for her but at the same time annoyed.

Moments like that make me wonder if I really want to be a teacher, I’m going to have to be in situations like that all the time and if I was annoyed with one girl what am I going to do with 10? Besides that I really had a hard time teaching Magnus how to even just cast on, how can I expect to teach about history?  Blargh thats a little deep for a monday don’t you think?

Maybe I should just be a professional student. I hear that’s how you get a PhD right?  I’ll just keep considering that as I toddle off to my glamorous day job of folding laundry and thinking about the choices of cheap frozen pizza or chicken nuggets for lunch. Maybe somewhere in the depths of cleaning out the hepa filter on the vacuum and picking up the bits of trash I’ll come to some sort of solution. Anything’s possible!


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