I forgot how hard titles are

I would like to lodge a complaint with Little Napoleon.

This whole getting up at 8:30 thing? can we stop that? I know that I was horribly spoiled with getting up at 9:30 on average, but this dropping me back an hour without any warning is sorta like a fucked up day lights saving time. I keep wandering around groggily staring at things thinking ‘this is all wrong, I’m doing this way too early’. Plus…also doing it while I have the cold of doom is sorta cruel don’t you think? Momma needs a little more sleep when she’s sick, and yanking her out of bed earlier than normal precisely when she needs that extra hour of sleep is just one more reason she thinks you’re an evil overlord in the making.

Right, now that I’ve made my pointless plea to the internet about something it has no control over I’ll figure out what to write about. Is it obvious I didn’t go to class lastnight? I finally gave up when I was sitting on the couch struggling to study and realized that while I was copying down the sentient points into notes…that I wasn’t retaining any of the information. Basically I was a living xerox machine and going to class like that wasn’t going to do me any good. I still felt guilty as all hell and spent the night reassuring myself that it was alright to miss a class. This is only amusing if you realize that when I was 18 and going to college for the first time that I had no clue where half of my classes were.

I did however, make an awesome roasted chicken lastnight. I love meals like that though, ones where you start with some sort of vague plan and the whole thing comes together beautifully. So I’ll give you my vague plan and you can see if it works for you.

I took a whole roasting hen from the store, opened it, cleaned out all the giblets and washed it throughly. Then you pat it dry, and season it well with season salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme. I then took two heads of garlic (they were small, one big one would work as well) and cut them in half without removing any of the paper or peeling a single clove.  Taking the garlic I just shoved it inside the cavity. I then melted a stick and a half of butter and added lemon juice, and set it aside. Around the chicken I tossed in baby carrots and bite sized chunks of potatoes. Seasoned them with the same seasonings I put in the chicken and poured a quarter of the lemon butter into the chicken cavity and the rest over the top of the chicken and veggies. I coated the top of the chicken with the butter mixture and stirred it into the carrots and potatoes making sure they were all evenly coated and seasoned.

Tossed the whole shebang into a pre-heated oven at 400 degree’s and cooked it all for an hour and a half. It was delicious.

You could of course change and add neary everything and still have a wonderful dish. One of my favorite variations is to cut up a lemon to go inside the cavity with the garlic. This time I just didn’t happen to have a lemon on hand and made do with my handy lemon squeezy thing. I think you could also add some onions to the veggies, perhaps even leeks or something like that. I haven’t because I’m not a huge onion fan but you know, whatever floats your boat.

So I might have missed school but at least I had a lovely dinner. My house might look like poo but at least my family is well fed. Even the littlest overlord ate lastnight, and thats a huge accomplishment. Well it is when he’s not going through a growth spurt, which I suspect he is now since he’s spent the entire morning stuffing his face and begging for more food.

I’m not actually complaining about him eating, please don’t get me wrong. Lately it’s been some sort of toddler battle of wills to get him to eat -anything-. The child actually existed on a bowl of cereal and a handful of crackers one day. He went through a ‘bread sandwich’ phase. Bread sandwich being two pieces of bread eaten together. Nothing between them, no peanut butter, no jelly, no nutella, no cheese, no meat and no honey. Just the two pieces of bread and your mouth. Sounds horrible doesn’t it? but thats all he wanted. It got so bad that I actually went out and got pediasure and made him drink one a day because I was concerned he might get scurvy. I think CPS totally intervenes if your kid gets scurvy by the way.

However, yesterday and today it’s been a bottomless pit of boy and while I am suddenly now afraid of him being a teenager, I’m much less afraid of Scurvy.  He woke up this morning (at eight freaking thirty let me remind you) and it is now ten thirty and he’s so far consumed, a bowl of cereal, a bag of popcorn, half a whopper jr and half of a sausage egg and cheese biscuit thing. While it sounds like I am feeding my kid nothing but shit let me assure you that he picked out every single thing, and thank god his father and our roommates are total boys who can not bear to be parted from their leftovers.

Ok have I rambled and meandered enough yet? I think I have. This entry has no cohesion and no purpose and thats just fine since right now you’re getting a taste of my mental state.  I blame nyquil and musinex. You should as well.

I’ll try for something better tomorrow.


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