The first dispatch

Right, so I’m blogging again.

I’m not sure precisely how to feel about it, since normally I get myself my own domain and space and sit there feeling all superior. This time however, money always seems to be short and I’m not up for the care process of your own site and all of that. So I like wordpress and they now do the free thing and tada, there you go.

Right now though, I should be studying for the supposedly ‘pop’ quiz I’m going to have in english class tomorrow. Let me assure you all though, that the pop aspect of the quiz is completely ruined when your teacher drops anvil like hints throughout the class about what you will be doing next time. Not that I’m complaining because, yeah in this class any help I can get is welcomed.

See here is now where I get back into the background and prove to you all without a shadow of a doubt that I haven’t blogged in so long I have no idea how to make a post anymore. Where was I? Oh right..see I’ve just gone back to college after like..twelve years of being out of school. Which is a really long time in case you were wondering.  But I was smart right? about this going back to school thing I mean. First of all I’m not paying for it and that helps, but beyond that I’m only taking two classes this first semester. English Comp 1 and American History to 1876. Just to get my feet wet, you know dip my toes into the academic pond.

The only problem with this plan is, my english teacher is on crack. Ok maybe he isn’t -really- on crack, but he certifiably is an over achiever.We have like -five- essays worth ten percent of our grades due within weeks of each other ontop of quizzes and writing assignments and home work. I have never once gone to a class without coming out with a new assignment, and sometimes without even having reached the due date of previous assignments. My classmates are in horror, beyond his manic assignment schedule he’s a terrible grader who takes great pleasure in slashing our work apart with his green pen.

So much for dipping my toes casually into the academic pond right?

Thank god my history class is a bit of a snoozer. I just sit there for an hour and a half and write down notes and take the occasional test. I wish history was a little more interesting, since it’s my favorite subject but hey with the nightmare of my English class before it, I’ll take any break I can get. Besides, my history teacher is charming and funny, and I can see that he’s selling himself short and phoning in the class so whatever.

But as you can plainly see, I am not studying for any quiz or test right now. Which is probably going to bite me in the ass tomorrow but I’m coming down with a cold and feel thickheaded and exhausted anyways so how much information could I -really- retain? All this lovely dayquil running through my system makes the lure of pervasive and informative essays non existent.

And I totally just upped the whole sick and absolutely worthless aspect of the day by bribing the tiny tyrant into leaving the cats alone by giving him a doughnut. Right now we’re in baby bootcamp with my tiny napoleon, and I shouldn’t hand him a treat for anything less than stellar behavior or at least an attempt to go to the bathroom somewhere outside of his pants. However, I am sick, and tired, and doughnuts are in the house and not a single one of you can blame me for using Krispy Kreme to bring about some peace in the house.

Of course it didn’t work and I still had to go put him to bed, but hope springs eternal.

Right I should stop writing for now, so I don’t blow my blogging wad. I’ll get into the tyrant  later. I’m going to go sit down with a box of Krispy Kreme’s and some American Idol and be completely worthless. Maybe after I saturate my system with junk I’ll be more productive. Or I might be able to grab a nap. One or the other.


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