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I just can’t stop yawning.

February 29, 2008

I’ve been up since 8:30 (wtf TT?) and I just can’t seem to shake the sleep off of me. It doesn’t help that I had weird dreams about being in London with Tracy Ullman who was going to a scrabble tournament..we had a lovely anti pasta platter and gyros though. Maybe this is something hormonal. I might be entering that phase of pms where I’m an empty pit continually starving.

In fact I’m fairly hungry right now but I’m not sure what I want so I’m just going to sit here and type random statements until I figure out what I want to eat. You’re welcome.

This weekend should be a non stop fun roller coaster. Today I am helping out Faynie and Beckah go through their new place to live and see what’s what. Tonight I have all four toddlers to myself and tomorrow is the move fest for the Faynie family into their new abode. It’s a bit of a pain in the tuckus, but getting everyone out of the ghetto and into a decent house just down the road from me is worth it.

Then there is of course, the mountain of homework looming over me like a dark cloud. A history test next week with gads of reading and my patented crazy study methods that involve writing like every little thing down and re-reading it compulsively. Plus the third essay worth 10 percent of my grade due on the 11th that I haven’t even started and have no real direction with, plus another take home quiz/assignment.

Plus the freaking house is a total mess and needs a through cleaning.

Yeah I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. Which of course means that all I want to do is curl up on the couch with some knitting and soak my brain in a brine of law and order. What I think I will do is clean up the living room a little bit, make something to eat, get out my history book and begin the crazy study methods.

Class last night was interesting, apparently we as a class pissed off our crazy English teacher, on tuesday. We found this out because he threw a temper tantrum lastnight about the fact that we talked too much in the last few minutes of class and he proved his maturity by stating since we were so fond of talking that we weren’t going to talk at all this class. He threw a pop quiz on us and an extra assignment that wasn’t on the assignment sheet. Yeah..I was impressed too. However, it made up for the pop quiz I missed and the extra assignment helps cover that zero and the points missing from my late assignment.

History was a long lecture into the beginning of the revolutionary war and I was told by a classmate that I should go on a fact quiz show or something. Apparently I’m a teacher’s pet in both classes which is…great.

So yeah, there’s your fun and funny in academia for the morning.

In other more down to earth news, the potty training with TT is going suspiciously well. I think that at any moment he’s going to realize he’s going along with a goal of mine and throw a monkey wrench into the works. So far the magic spell has been a combination of transformer underroo’s and oreo cookies. Telling a tiny tyrant that he can’t pee on Optimus Prime and he’ll get a double stuffed oreo if he does pee in the potty seems to be the trick. However I will warn the lot of you that Bumble Bee does not seem to enjoy the same status. Only Optimus Prime commands enough respect to not have bodily functions enacted on him. Once again? You’re welcome.

Ok my hormones are out of control and my stomach is ready to crawl up my chest and strangle me. Off to pick up the living room, make some lunch and start studying like a fiend before I’m invaded.


Mish mash

February 28, 2008

Ok, so I’m fairly scatter brained today so my post thusly will be a blend of things that have nothing to do with each other. I may even use bullet points. Maybe not.

First of all I have seen some of the funniest stuff on the internet this morning. I swear on all that’s holy this is worth the effort of clicking a few links. However It is not work safe, nor safe for kids. But totally worth being fired, or perhaps having to explain some stuff to your children. Your choice of course. Of course if your humor isn’t a little potty on the occasion this might not be your cup of tea.
First is this  which is the first in the series and what started the whole thing. Basically it’s Sarah Silverman messing with her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, with a freaking hilarious video including Matt Damon.

Then Jimmy gets his revenge with Ben Affleck and like..half of hollywood. This is beyond freaking hilarious, this is like in the realm of ‘holy crap no one could ever top that ever!’. It is -brillant- the whole we are the world choir thing singing about prison sex? Oh my stars.  You -have- to see it. I just..dying. Dead from laughter. Robin Williams? Huey Lewis? Cameron Diaz? this is genius.

Then, because this is so freaking funny  and it’s already in the realm of stupidly ridiculous, of course Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks had to get in on it. This one is just as funny as the other ones. All in all? some of the best humor I’ve seen in a long time.

Then to drop off of the funny train and into the screwed up parts of the internet there’s this.  I’m not sure how many people are aware of what net neutrality is. Basically Net Neutrality is what the internet is now. You pay a company to get onto the net but when you get on where ever you want to go is open to you. Some companies (Comcast, ATT, Verizon, Time Warner and others) are trying to institute policies that allow them to tax web sites so that their content can be accessed while restricting other sites that don’t pay and forcing their customers to use their web content such as search engines news providers and the like.  It’s actually a real threat and a lot of these companies are doing everything in their power to lobby for this change.

Recently Comcast has actually begun the blocking of sites and the FCC is investigating it. There was a hearing at Harvard on the 25th about this, and Comcast actually -paid- people to come in and sit and fill up the hearing so that the interested public couldn’t get in. People I know a lot of you aren’t interested in protesting and activist work but if you want to be able to use the internet as you have been since it’s inception this is where you have to stand up. I’ve written the FCC and my Senator about it, please go to Save the Internet and do it as well.

Finally, I’m going to swipe Lissa’s newest sock pattern for my mountain color’s bear foot yarn. I’ll have to get MEB to help me read it because I’m a freaking pattern moron but still it’s nice to have a pretty pattern to go with that gorgeous yarn. I’ll just have to finish my twisted tweed socks first before I start it. I also am now obsessed with getting some Madeline Tosh yarn of my own but that will have to wait until you know…we have money.

Alright that’s a fairly interesting post, I’m going to get off the comp now and probably eat something. Maybe watch some Dexter or Law and Order.

At least I’m projected for an A

February 27, 2008

So, I managed to make it to class lastnight. Which yay! But it was a mixed bag for me.

First of all I forgot to check the assignment sheet and missed an assignment was due last night (on top of the freaking 10 percent essay) and secondly I missed a pop quiz in history class -as well-. Then my English teacher embarrassed the crap out of me with high praise. It seems last week there was a group assignment that got carried over to last night. After collecting assignments and doing role call he broke us down into our groups. Since I had no group he got infront of the class and said ‘Well now that we’re in groups, Ms Sides is a free agent, so anyone could snap her up..and if I were you I would.’

I was like ‘oh lord, please don’t make me publicly the teachers pet..please please’. Thankfully the class didn’t turn on me like a bunch of sharks but I’ve firmly been placed in the ‘over achiever’ category. It’s bad enough I turn in massive essays and am pulling an A in the class so far, while I appreciate his good words, I really don’t wanna be singled out like that.

Then my history class got cut short due to a family emergency with the professor and now I am here with a shit ton of work looming over me. One assignment due in English that is already late. Plus, I have -another- essay worth 10 percent of my grade due on the 11th of march..then I have to copy down the notes from my class mate in history class. Plus study four or so chapters. So yeah I have a whole shit ton of homework to do. The worst part is I have no flipping idea where to begin with this new essay. I have to write a surprising and persuasive paper…on….something. I have no idea what. Seriously, there are no ideas in my head and I am going ‘uhhhh…fuck.’

I’ve already done the whole feminist page, and now what? I’ve blown my academic wad. Crap. I could do it about size acceptance and how obesity is not as health risk as it’s portrayed to be but to be honest I don’t want to get too soap boxy with this. Plus, I’m not really secure in my own acceptance of my size and I am not sure that this is the venue I want to explore that sense of insecurity. Blah. I’m sure it’ll come to me but I am starting to hate this class, it’s like a constant stream of shit coming in and out and I find myself lost for ideas.

Ah well, this is what college is like right? I’ll always be doing this and so I must get used to it.

In other news I’m thinking of getting myself some new yarn. The problem is all that is speaking to me is sock yarn and I have like three or four skeins of that already. I really need to get the yarn for my wrap sweater so I can start that, and I would like to get some work done on my shawls.

Also, I totally need to find my camera and set it up so I can start taking pictures of TT and the knitting and life in general.

Oh for those of you into the knitting thing, there’s a swap coming up that looks interesting. Here I know it seems a bit pricey but the thoughts of a swap totally tickles me. I’m trying to think of something ‘spring!’ to knit up though. Unless I can think of something though I’m not going to sign up. I mean bright wild colored socks isn’t exactly spring is it? Maybe it is.

Alright, enough procrastination, I’m off to start the mountain of school work. Gotta keep up that A.

How does sleep crust anyways?

February 26, 2008

Wow, first of all I’m not sure precisely what I did to my hair to make it mad but I promise I will never do it again. How short hair can manage to flatten -and- stick up at the same time is a miracle of modern science. Or at least of modern shampoo.

So I’m struggling to wake up this morning. I slept well and deeply, only waking up when  TT climbed into bed around 5 am. I evicted him within 30 minutes and we both slept until ten this morning so score! I am still groggy though, yawning and curling up in my chair to stare and drool out of the window while sesame street drones in the background.

I still have things to do today, like do a final edit on my rambling essay and pray that it’s not eviscerated too much by my teacher. I finally got the first essay  back in my hot hands and I just want to smack him. He’s against compound sentences  in any form even those that are correctly made. I just want to grab his green pen and stab him with it. Whatever, I get a week to revise these papers so I made the corrections he said and am turning it in to raise it from a B to an A.  I will admit that his hard handed, hard -headed- grading process only makes me want to work less on this essay because…holy moley I revised that last one 7 times and only got a flipping B. But I want a good grade so edit I shall.

Then I should pick up and clean around here a bit so that it stops looking like a glorified bachelor’s pad. Which it was for a long time before I moved in, and should be painted up and fixed as soon as the weather stops fluxing all over the place like it has some sort of mental disease. Which will nicely co-inside with faire season which means painting shouldn’t happen until oh…summer. However the tragic procrastination that is dogging the decorating of the house should not extend to the up-keeping and cleaning of said house.

Of course this would all be easier if I wasn’t chasing after the Tiny Terror. I’ve caught him getting into his dad’s candy on his desk and then when I put him to bed he began to mangle one of the cats in there. I’m starting to get the feeling that he’s never going to learn and he’ll never get any of his toys back. I know, I know, he’s three and I have to remember that, but come on..when does this stuff start sinking into his tiny little peabrain? I don’t want him to clean the house or work for cheap labor..I just want him to stop getting into stuff that isn’t his and stop torturing the cats! Oh and to pee on the potty. I’m thinking that those three agenda’s aren’t the hardest things in the world. Especially since we’re talking about a boy who fills up a sixty gallon toy bin and a twenty gallon toy bin by himself! It’s not like he has a shortage of -his own stuff-.

I’m not asking for him to fall over in appreciation for all the things we give him, but to just leave the things he -knows- he’s not allowed into alone. Candy, makeup, cleaning supplies, that sort of thing. ArrghhH!

My train of thought is totally derailed. I’m going to go sit on the couch, finish a law and order, edit my paper, grab a nap and go to school. Tomorrow he’ll get it right? Right?

Monday blues

February 25, 2008

Why is it even when you’re not working or doing anything Monday orientated that Monday’s still suck?

Lets see..I woke up on my own after six hours of sleep and was up for an hour before TT got up and forced me to really be awake. Which wasn’t so bad since I had a quiet hour of solitude to fortify myself for the barrage. Then the cat got out when she’s not supposed to and I had to put Treat Time (the official Tyrant house hold ritual used to help fatten up skinny cats and make them love us unconditionally. I’ll tell you when the second part happens). However I did prove that calling out ‘Treat, treat, treat!’ like an idiot will bring in the cat so thats a good thing.

Then I made a quick breakfast for me and Little Napoleon, the last pediasure for him, and yogurt for  us both. Of course he had to drop his pediasure and spill three fourths of it on the carpet and not into him. Which is freaking wonderful. Because you know they aren’t expensive at all and more importantly…the carpet didn’t need extra protein and vitamins and minerals! I managed to get it all cleaned up and get the rest of the drink down his gullet so now I’m going to sit at my desk and eat my yogurt and pretend that I have nothing to do.

Really I have a lot to do today, I desperately have to edit that paper a few more times before tomorrow evening, plus read the chapter I was supposed to have a quiz on last thursday. Beyond that I have to pick up, vacuum, fold laundry and put it away while thinking of something to do for dinner. Oh and deal with the howler monkey. Who is, to his credit being marginally better today. Or maybe I just have more patience and am not a raging sick bitch anymore. Really the choice is yours.

Tonight is the gaming group, which is turning into a spill over of knitting night, and I’ll get to try to teach Magnus again. Which is my awkward segue into the whole knitting thing last night. First of all it was a lovely time with friends. Lissa made it after all which was nice, I have a feeling I’ll not get to see her often from now on, MEB was there the boys kept to themselves mostly and all of that. The only fly in the ointment was Magnus’ teenage sister. Who…is painfully socially awkward. She’s 14 years old and just..weird. I kept wondering if I was like that, weird and spitting out random things. She just, had no sense of appropriate or keeping with conversation. I felt bad for her but at the same time annoyed.

Moments like that make me wonder if I really want to be a teacher, I’m going to have to be in situations like that all the time and if I was annoyed with one girl what am I going to do with 10? Besides that I really had a hard time teaching Magnus how to even just cast on, how can I expect to teach about history?  Blargh thats a little deep for a monday don’t you think?

Maybe I should just be a professional student. I hear that’s how you get a PhD right?  I’ll just keep considering that as I toddle off to my glamorous day job of folding laundry and thinking about the choices of cheap frozen pizza or chicken nuggets for lunch. Maybe somewhere in the depths of cleaning out the hepa filter on the vacuum and picking up the bits of trash I’ll come to some sort of solution. Anything’s possible!